Make Power Generator 

Why you should build magnetic generator for your house

‘Should I make power generator or should I buy an off the shelf power generator?’ are you caught up with the same dilemma? This is the same question that rams into every individual’s mind who considers making a shift to clean energy. Before you decide a make power generator yourself or hit the store to find a ready made one, let’s look at the different types of power generators.

There are three common types of power generators in the clean energy field. They make use of different sources of energy to produce the same output – power or electricity. They are wind power generators (also know as windmills and wind turbines), solar power generators (commonly known as solar panels) and magnetic power generator. Let us shed some light one each one of them;

Solar Power Generator

Solar power generators/solar panels help to transform the sun’s energy into electricity. When sunlight strikes its surface (made of silicon), it generates a current. We will not look at what at happens within the surface of the solar panel since it is outside the scope of this topic, also not forgetting that we do have readers who would find it difficult to comprehend technical stuff. Once the current is generated, it is converted from DC (Direct Current) to AC (Alternating Current) so that our house appliances, such as Televisions, computers and fridges, can be operated.

Wind Power Generator

A wind power generator/wind turbine is used to convert wind into electricity. As wind passes through the wings of the turbine, it produces a ‘spin effect’ where by the wings of turbine move in a similar manner to a fan. These wings are connected to a motor within the generator that creates an electric due to the motion of the wings. A wind power generator doesn’t require an inverter because it produces Alternating Current directly. These can be placed on the roof of your house, in your balcony or your garden. Before you decide a place for it, ensure that there are no wind-blocking barriers. Many people today make power generator for electricity from the wind rather than buying a completely assembled one.

Magnetic Power Generator

As its name goes, magnetic power generator uses the concept of magnetism to produce electricity. The magnetic forces between the two poles of a magnet are able to push a current through the wire to create power/electricity. Due to the plethora of benefits that a magnetic power generator, it is rarely produced commercially; the major benefit being that once it is put together, it will run perpetually through out the life of the magnet. Power companies, for example, are very against the production of magnetic power generator. This is because, once you get one, you can kiss all your electricity bills good bye. Hence, the point here is that you can’t purchase a ready made one so you will have to make power generator for yourself.

Now that we know the three major types of power generators, let me help you decide whether you should make power generator yourself or buy one from the store. Follow me to the next page build magnetic generator!