Generate Your Own Electricity 

Welcome to page 2 of our Why Generating Free Energy article. Here we will discuss how you can generate your own electricity.

As mentioned earlier, there are three sources of energy that you can utilize to generate your own electricity. Let’s look at each one individually;

The Sun

Although we haven’t made much use of it as yet, the sun is by far the largest energy source for our planet. In order turn the radiation (light) from the sun into electricity, we need to use solar panels.

Solar panels are widely available today. Alternatively, you can build your own using guides such as ‘Earth4Energy’ and ‘HomeMade Energy’. (There are various others that you can find on the internet) These solar panels are placed in areas where there is maximum exposure to direct sunlight; rooftops and balconies are the two most common spots where solar panels are placed.

The electricity generated from the sun can be used during the day as well as at night (by storing it in a battery). All household appliances can be run when you generate your own electricity from the sun; such TVs and refrigerators.


Moving air, know as wind, can also be used to generate your own electricity. Many European countries are aggressively pursuing this approach to meet their energy demands. Of course when you generate your own electricity, you don’t pay for anything.

To convert wind into electricity, we use wind turbines. When wind gushed through the wings of the turbine, it creates a spin which in turn generates an electric current.

Wind turbines in many cases are used to supplement electricity generated from solar panels. Since we don’t have wind nor sunlight throughout the day, using both of them concurrently help generating extra electricity that can be stored in batteries to be used at night.

Wind turbines can be readily bought from hardware stores. Again, you also have the option of building up your own using the guides mentioned above.


This is one method of generating your own electricity that not many have heard of. This is a concept of building a motor that runs on the effect of magnetism. This motor is not commercially available in the market. Reason: once built, it runs perpetually. That means, be it day or night, be it summer or winter, this motor will run unaffected forever. It is virtually silent and can be put in any corner of the house. In order to put it together, you need to use ‘Magniwork’, a guide. By purchasing basic equipment from a local hardware store, this motor can be built up in a matter of hours.

I hope this article answered your questions of why generate free energy and how you can generate your own electricity. I would love to hear your story of success!