Build Magnetic Generator

Welcome to page 2 of make power generator! Here we will discuss why you should build magnetic generator, solar power generator and wind power generator instead of buying a fully assembled one.


The first and foremost reason for you to build your own power generator is cost savings. When you set out to buy a ready made generator, the following costs are included in its price tag;

Research Costs: Let’s face it. Nothing dropped from the heaven ready to be used. A myriad of hours have been spent on research and development of products such as solar panels and magnetic power generators with costs climbing up to as high as hundreds of millions of dollars. Companies definitely want to recover their money. How do they do it? They increase prices of their products by as much as 40% of their cost of production. Being smart, when you build magnetic generator on your own, you save a good amount of your money.

Company Profits: Quite obviously, a company would want to make a profit out of their products. Profit margins range from 5% to 20% and possibly more! This is free money that you give to a company when you purchase a ready made product.

The two constituents largely accommodate for the high costs of commercially made products. Hence by deciding to build magnetic generator yourself, you save up to 60% of your hard earned money! Awesome? I think so!

Fun and Educational

If you think fun and learning don’t belong in the same sentence, it’s time for you to change your mind. Building a power generator yourself plus kids can be very enjoyable. Plan a weekend and call the neighbor’s children over too! Construction isn’t as difficult as you think; more on this later.

Getting down to putting together your own generator teaches you things you wouldn’t have otherwise learnt. Do you know how wind turbines work?


When you build magnetic generator on your own, you can modify/tailor it meet your specific needs. Do you have 10 lights in the house or 15? 1 TV or 2? Keeping these details in mind, the final product is sure to fully meet your needs.

Now that you know all common types of power generators and their sweet benefits, you must be revving to begin the construction procedure.

To build magnetic generator or any other generator for that matter, what you need is a set of instructions with clear cut diagrams reinforcing those instructions. You need simple language and a step by step procedure. I found all these in the following books, these are reviewed by people who actually build their own magnetic generator with these guides;


Supplemented by video tutorials, I have watched my two kids (Andy 13, Marco 16) build magnetic generator for our house on their own! I was a lot more surprised than you are! All that was required were a few components that I easily found at a local hardware store (The owner being my friend, I managed to scoop a discount too!)

So what have you decided? Will you build your own power generator or purchase one?