Free Electric Generator

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Wind power generators- As the name suggests this free electric generator type makes use of the force of the wind to produce electricity. Wind power generators comprise of a fan shaped turbine, which needs to be installed at a place where there is a strong wind. So the ideal place to set up you wind power generator is either in your gallery or on your roof. When the force of the wind turns the fan around it produces electricity. This free electric generator type requires almost no maintenance but the problem with this type of free electric generator is that if you live in a city or an area where there are no strong winds. Then the amount of electricity that you would produce would be next to nothing. So if your house is located in between some high rise buildings or is in an area where the wind does not blow strong enough, than its highly advisable that you go for other free energy generation alternatives.

Magnetic generators- Now we come to my personal favorite type of free electric generator, the magnetic generator. Now most of you out there must be thinking that how can magnets be used to generate electricity right? Trust me; it was the same with me, until a stumbled on a gem of a product called magnets4energy. I’m normally not the kind who goes for these kind of products, as I’m too scared of being scammed but on the insistence of some friends of mine, I tried out this neat little guide and was pleasantly surprised at the results. Magnets4energy has helped me build a magnetic generator that has drastically reduced my electricity bills. But I didn’t try this product without conducting the proper research done, so I went online and started searching for whether magnets could be used as a source of energy. What I found really blew me away, not only could magnets be used as a source of generating electricity but they were actually being used electricity generation purposes already. I also came to know about certain trains called Maglev, which made use of the power generated from different magnetic poles to power trains! These trains have been recorded as going as fast as 500 km/h in Japan. But the best thing about these magnetic generators is that they do not need any special conditions in which to operate. They don’t require running water, or strong winds, or sunshine. All you have to do is build the magnetic generator as instructed in the booklet you’ve chosen (I’d recommend Magnets4energy) and viola! You’re on your way to producing free, environmentally friendly energy!

By now I’m sure you’ve understood the numerous benefits of using a free electric generator and just why you should consider using them. Go for the option that suits you best and take the initiative in keeping this planet a safe and healthy for all of its inhabitants.