Best Rated DIY Solar Panel Guides

I admit, I was skeptical too that a normal person could build one, but the "HomeMade Energy" Guide will save you $1365 by building it yourself, this is when compared to the Pre-built ones like I almost bought.

Yes, you too can build your own Solar Panels and save a lot of money, BUT I had to get 6 "Build Your Own Solar Panel" guides , before I found one that actually made sense!!

 Hi, my name is Jason Jacobs and I wish I could say all diy solar panel guides are useful and simple to follow.... they aren't!

My dad, Tom and I working on our solar panel

I picked out the single best DIY Solar Panel Guide just for you because this is the one that helped me and, well… it was real easy to follow. You can build very good functional solar panels that all your friends and family would be impressed with too!

Below I've listed the 3 best diy solar panel guides I found (this is after reviewing a total of  DIY guides). The 2 other ones aren’t bad but the first one is definitely the best one available (in my opinion).

Yes!...You can build a great working solar panel and save hundreds of dollars compared to buying a pre-built one. Not only is it a great project for you and the family, but it will provide your family cheap green energy!

And now I find myself helping friends and neighbors, they think I am an expert now!


The following product has my highest personal recommendation. Out of the many solar panel guides I have used, "HomeMade Energy" is absolutely the best guide availible.

HomeMade Energy guide



Best Overall DIY Solar Panel Guide - HomeMade Energy

  Video Intructions 4star

Easy to understand 5 stars

  Price                           5 stars

  Average Rating5 stars


HomeMade Energy gives step-by-step instructions, pictures, and Images that simplified the whole process. We downloaded this guide and were reading the ebook within 15 minutes. Using the "HomeMade Energy" check list, you will assemble fully functioning solar panels in just a weekend.

Watch HomeMade Energy Video

Although you can build these solar panels for $100, you would have to do some serious scavenging to make that work. It will cost around $150 - $200 when you buy most of the stuff brand new. Still $1,000 under the cost of a new one (and that is without installation) so still well worth it!


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GreenDIYenergy Guide

Average Rating: star4

Out of all the guides , "GreenDIYenergy" is one of the other guides that I would recommend. The installation looks very simple, but lacks some of the instructional detail the "HomeMade Energy" guide has. It kind of leaves you guessing some minor steps and is not as practical for someone like me who enjoys clear instructions with true step-by-step information.

Visit the GreenDIYenergy website


Earth4Energy Guide

Earth4Energy Guide
Average Rating: e

Earth4Energy can be compared with GreenDIYenergy. Even the videos aren't as good as the other greenDIYenergy and HomeMade Energy, the instructions are quite clear.

Visit the Earth4Energy website